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Harp Player Extraordinaire!

Whether you would like romantic music at your wedding or a harp playing fairy at a festival Alice's harp music and playing has a wide variety.

events could include...

  • Storytelling and music games for children's events and parties.

  • Characters such as angel, fairy, piskie etc for carnivals and festivals.

  • street parties

  • work doo's

  • christmas events

  • summer shindigs!



Storyteller Alice has played her harp along side storyteller Laura Salmon and as a solo storyteller for 4 years.  She has always had a passion for music and the arts with a background in musical and stage theatre.  Alice has performed her storytelling in places such as The Maritime museum Falmouth, Tropical Pressure Festival, Playfest, Penryn Art Festival and many more. Her stories are inspired by nature and folklore, they are interactive and contain music from her small harp and songs

                  "I played with a brilliant guitar and violin player for a few years, we called ourselves the 'sea(C)-strings' one of the most interesting gigs we were booked for several times was a 'multisensory art dinner' where the food and the music had to match the artworks chosen and displayed.  So for example, an abstract deep orangey, sunset coloured painting, was matched with a cover of 'Golden Brown' by the stranglers and a soft textured, caramel based dessert!"  .......Alice wall, (just goes to show the variety of events she has played in!)

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